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Discover the healthy proposals of +Brots to enjoy small pleasures while respecting your body and the health of the planet.


+ Brots, our specialty Coffee Brunch, is born from the enthusiasm and the need of our philosophy in the circular economy with the products we work with. Hand in hand with BIO BROTS, our store on Creu Street, we want to continue the zero waste project, thus avoiding any waste in organic foods, fruits, flours, milks, chocolates, etc., our sweet side. With a small workshop, we produce everything we offer, carefully and with great attention, trying to make sure that if it doesn’t add, it doesn’t go on, and at the same time, it’s explosive in taste, flavors, textures, and smells… We also offer our + Brunch part: Toasts, Bagels, Griddled Bowls, sweet and savory crepes with buckwheat or millet bases, without milk or eggs, where you can see that having fun and enjoying food can be very healthy. All this, with a strong presence of specialty coffee. Hand in hand with a local, small, and highly skilled coffee roaster, and producers of fresh and organic milk, at + Brots, you will find: coffee, coffee with milk, latte, Cappuccino, … and the same quality in teas and infusions: Chai, Ayurvedic blends, winter, summer, Green, red, Matcha, and much more. Fruit is of great importance, as it is often not visually appealing, but it offers all the organoleptic and healthy properties. With it, we make our juices, daily smoothies, salads, and artisanal, vegan ice creams, low in added sugars and fats. We are dedicated to conveying and communicating the work, effort, and day-to-day of our artisan food producers, dairy farmers, cheesemakers, bakers, coffee roasters, horticulturists… with whom we can work to create the best coffee, a good chai latte, gluten-free pastries, sweet and savory crepes with gluten-free flour bases, low-sugar ice creams, and all the flavor of ripe fruit, and of course, fresh fruit and vegetable juices.


With sustained growth over time, the idea is not to repeat businesses, but to create inclusive and communicative ones among them with the same synergies and a team aligned with our way of doing things. Without them, we couldn’t do all this. Closing the circle of a sustainable project with the product, people, and our city. Because sustainability lies in the product turnover and the circular economy. Giving more life to a product, from flour to a cake, from ripe or mashed fruit to ice cream, from chocolate to mousse. And so, with the three wheels of the tricycle, the project pivots together with a great human team that makes it possible.


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